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Manhattan Beach

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Home of volleyball, sunny Manhattan Beach is also famous for its surfing.

Manhattan Beach residents (just like their East Coast counterpart) divide the city into several distinct neighborhoods, including the Village, Gas Lamp Section, Manhattan Heights, East Manhattan Beach,
Liberty Village, and North Manhattan Beach (El Porto).

So why is Manhattan Beach the perfect place for your surf lessons?

Manhattan Beach features 2.1 miles (3.4km) of ocean frontage and 40 acres (162 km²) of recreational beach. During the winter the waves can reach up to 12-feet high, making your Manhattan Beach surf lessons a great Southern California adventure!

After taking your Manhattan Beach surf lessons, you can visit some of the city’s distinct neighborhoods, such as the densely developed Sand Section, where beach-oriented commerce mingles with private homes; the Strand, one of the most highly trafficked pedestrian streets, which features high-end oceanfront homes; or just walk around the Tree Section, the wealthy residential neighborhood which mimics the Hill Section
(minus the hills).

So book your surf lessons in Manhattan Beach today!

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