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Redondo Beach

We offer year-round Redondo Beach surf lessons.
One of the three Beach Cities in Los Angeles Country, Redondo Beach is the heart of the
Los Angeles South Bay, and the focus of many who want to be in the sun and near the ocean.

Having your surf lessons in Redondo Beach allows you to experience its lifestyle, a blend of neighborhoods, activities and people of the Bay Cities (Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach).

So why choose Redondo Beach for your surf lessons?

Perhaps the vast beach linking the Bay Cities is what makes surfing such a key element of the
Redondo Beach lifestyle year-round. Incredibly, it is actually common to see locals catching waves on both
Christmas and New Year’s Day!

You may also have your Redondo Beach surf lessons right down the Municipal Pier, a location popular with tourists and a variety of sports enthusiasts. And after you are done, stop by one of the local restaurants, bars, smaller shops and the arcade located in the neighboring Redondo Beach Marina and Harbor.

So book your surf lessons in Redondo Beach today!

Places To See In Redondo Beach

The Redondo Beach lifestyle manifests itself throughout the South Bay:

Things To Do In Redondo Beach

We suggest you check out these locations when visiting Redondo Beach.

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